The Bow Pose

The Bow Pose 🧘‍♀️ I simply LOVE this stretch! It hits all the angles in the front of the body. Start by lying on your front, grab hold of your foot with the same side hand, then pull your leg upward off the floor along with pulling the upper body upward and off the floor. […]

The Side Bend

I find this stretch great for helping me get a stronger Relevé stance and also to point my toes better for stage work. Most of the time the bridge of the foot is quite stiff in students and will require some stretching. PS: this stretch is also an arm workout. You need to hold your […]

Easy Pose Forward Fold

For this stretch you start seated on the floor and fold your legs. You can sit on a block, folded blanket or a meditation pillow if you find you have a lot of tension in your lower back. If the legs dont want to sit folded comfortably dont force them, with time they should ease […]

Technique Tip: Small Hip Circles

The Essential Small Hip Circle Hey ladies! Today I’m covering the small/internal hip circle. I firmly believe that this movement is an essential foundational technique, as it can evolve into so many other movements such as travelling hip circles, circles in a circle and more! It also helps condition the hips for other movements! This […]