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The Belly Dance Academy of South Africa

Ioanna's Belly Academy & Entertainment boasts with an incredible host of Performing Artists. We strive to maintain our reputation of quality, authenticity & high standards.

The Belly Dance Academy is the most prominent Oriental Dance studio in Pretoria. Offering training from Absolute Beginner to Professional Levels. All sizes are welcomed. All races are welcomed. This is for ALL WOMEN! You will start an amazing journey of self-discovery & unlock your inner goddess. We continually strive to preserve and maintain the healthy environment of our classes. We do not allow negative talk and we encourage a sisterly bond between all students. The effects are magical to watch. Friendships form, relationships blossom & women & girls simply flourish while they grow in confidence and self-love.

While we are all lifelong students, there is a continuous need to improve ourselves. The Belly Academy's Professional team takes annual trips to Egypt to maintain and improve their training. Workshops & intensives with world renowned Superstars and Master instructors are a regular investment to ensure our students and clients stay up to date with not only the latest Belly Dance fashion trends but also the evolution of the art form and culture. It is because of this that Ioanna's Belly Academy is on an international standard, setting us miles apart.

The Belly Academy Dance Troupe proudly holds several Competition Titles & Gold Medals. They take part in annual competitions in order to maintain their titles and positions.

Our Dance Haven

The Studio

We have a brand new, state of the art studio with enough space to cater for all students looking to experience the art of Belly Dance. We take pride in hosting you in our new home and aim to provide an environment of health and wholeness where you can embrace your inner Belly Dancer.

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How our Students feel about Iaonna's Belly Academy


I've always wanted to learn to dance, but you mostly need a partner and mine, well, he just doesn't feel the rythm. Belly dancing always look so sensual and I decided to try! My word was I intimidated when I saw the massive mirror and I had to face myself. In the beginning I reallly couldn't look at myself, don't like what I see. But the more I go the more I catch myself stealing a glimpse here and there.


Having known Ioanna for the past years, I find Ioanna very professional, talented and dedicated towards belly dancing.

Learning from the former Miss Belly Dance South Africa, Ioanna have never hesitated to share all her knowledge and dance experiences with us, in aim of mounding us into even better dancers. Ioanna's dedication and passion is evident as she has received great achievements as a result, one of the most recent was Miss bellydance South Africa choreographer of the year 2017. Ioanna is a great mentor, who displays great dedication and commitment towards this art form. 

Ioanna takes every opportunity to better herself as a dancer and teacher, she is an amazing Dance mother. I am a proud member of the Belly Academy family.

Avi Buldeo

I thought about what to say because there are so much to say… people sometimes ask me what my hobby is. I use to say 'belly dance'. Then I realised it is so much more than a mere 'hobby'. It is a life journey for me. Belly dance enriches me body and soul. I am part of an amazing sisterhood with Ioanna as teacher, mentor and friend.

Together we sweat and laugh and panic and sometimes cry. Ioanna and my belly sisters... thank you for this incredible journey!

Alta Van Der Walt

My dance journey started on the 15 may 2013. Every week I look forward to my Monday and Tuesday nights, because I know, I am going to Ioanna's class. As a teacher Ioanna is patient, kind, energetic and encouraging and she takes the time to really teach the technical aspects of belly dance.

Ioanna's Belly Academy is my favorite place.all my worries roll of my back when I enter. Best studio to learn how to bellydance and the best teachers ever.

Willemien Malan

William Arthur Ward said 'The mediocre teacher tells; the good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates and the great teacher inspires’ .

He must have had Ioanna in mind when writing this as she is the personification of a great teacher. She believes in you even when you don't and inspires you to find the rhythm in your hips and a passion for live. Ioanna's love of dance is contagious and I am so privileged to have her as my teacher.

Tanita Bezuidenhout

I am passionate about dancing I call it the poetry of the body I come from Cuba where dancing is part of our lives so being here in South Africa I found a space and a great teacher where I can express myself but at the same time be able to learn a totally new dance for me, it is a challenge and inspiration. I have learned so much from her and from the ladies. In her class I am able to forget about all the worries and focus in the art of belly dance by looking at her and listening to her instructions.

She is passionate about belly dance so it is a contagious feeling!!! Love it !!

Cristina Fourie

Hi ladies, just wanted to share, since I’ve been doing these classes regularly I’ve noticed such nice improvements, my wrists always got really sore when I put weight on them in class, but that’s completely gone now. 😁 And my shoulder always seized up when I had to work on a computer, I was on some pretty strong painkillers for it, but I’ve had to take maybe one this entire lockdown, even though all my work is online now. Thank you so much ⁨The Belly Dance Academy⁩ !!

Carla Turner