Belly Dancing for Young Girls

Tasteful, Elegant and Graceful...

For girls from 5 - 13 years of age.

Belly Dance offers young girls an excellent form of low-impact cardio exercise that will improve their flexibility, muscle coordination and build on core strength while teaching young girls the importance of respecting their bodies.

A young girls Belly Dance class focuses on learning the authentic movements (namely, isolations) of the dance, and would primarily consist of moderate activity with spurts of movements that promote vigorous activity (like shimmies!).

Belly Dance builds and develops Motor and Coordination Skills and as young girls dance together in groups, perform on stage, or simply build the courage to dance in a class setting, they boost their confidence as well as improve their social skills. A Belly Dance class is an excellent platform for young girls to make new friends in a comfortable and judgement-free environment.

With their costuming remaining modest, tasteful and elegant and their choreography & movements adhering strictly to age-appropriate technique parents can rest assured that their little ones are in safe and capable hands.

Our primary focus is to always respect their bodies and age.

Some benefits of Belly Dancing for Young Girls

  • Builds Motor skills & Coordination

  • Builds Self-Confidence from a young age

  • Teaches them how to work in a team

  • Improve their social skills

  • Keep them active & healthy in a way they enjoy

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