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Eolande Horn

I am a proud tribal fusion teacher at Oriental Invasion. I obtained 2 teachers diplomas in the year of 2015. With 13 years of belly dance experience, tribal is the style that stole my heart.

A lot of people ask me this question; “What is tribal fusion?” Well, the answer is simple. Tribal fusion is something that has been there since the beginning of time, and the Oriental Invasion family wants to keep the torch alight.

Tribal fusion is a modernanised version of traditional tribe dances, with influences of the popping and locking of hip-hop, the artistic aesthetic of contemporary and serpentine fluidity, with very strong influences of several belly dance styles.

I fell in love with tribal fusion at the very young age of 13. I guess as a belly dancer I started exploring genres to determine my style. Every belly dancer has a style unique to their personality, tribal fusion is mine. I fell in love with tribal fusion because of its vast variety of possibilities. Tribal fusion can be fused with anything, as I’ve mentioned above, and that truly feeds my creative mind.

The influences are much more vast than that, the opportunities are endless. Tribal fusion is a chance to identify who you really are, going back to your roots, your tribe of origin. And this is where I get personal, I’m Irish originally and I’ve grown up with a lot of Celtic beliefs that are very tribal in essence. That’s another reason why I identify with this style for I can be myself all the way to the roots.

The Lebolcé Tribe of Oriental Invasion strive to respect the culture tribal fusion stems from with utmost authenticity.

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