Dancers of the Belly Academy

Kayla Pienaar

My name is Kayla which means “crown” in Arabic, the native tongue of Belly Dance. I believe that every person I meet or influence through my dancing is a jewel that is added to that crown. I started belly dancing at the age of 13 in 2012 and now at 21 years old I am still loving every moment I get to dance.

Belly dancing has given me the self-confidence I thought I would never have and has taken me on such a spiritual journey.

I have been dancing as a professional belly dancer for 5 years and have trained with some of the best dancers Internationally and locally. I take pride in my awards and achievements, from being part of Team South Africa to winning multiple awards at Miss Belly Dance South Africa with my troupe and my latest victory, winning the title of Miss Belly Dance South Africa 2019.

I am passionate about belly dancing and hope to explore this art form for many years to come.

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