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The Side Bend

I find this stretch great for helping me get a stronger Relevé stance and also to point my toes better for stage work. Most of the time the bridge of the foot is quite stiff in students and will require some stretching.

PS: this stretch is also an arm workout. You need to hold your body weight up so be prepared!!!

On all fours with toes flipped back, shift your body weight to the arms and lift the knees of the floor. Feel the stretch in the top of the feet and work the knees up and down.
Basically stretching is not about flexibility and how far you can go. Stretching is about feeling what the body needs and listening to what it is telling us. If it hurts, dont do it. If its uncomfortable, GREAT. That’s where we want to be…

🧘‍♀️ The foot bridge offers the following benefits: Improves Pointe, stretches dormant foot muscles, improves Relevé, works your arms.

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