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Technique Tip: Hand Movements

Basic Hand Movements in Belly Dance

Basic Hand Movements in Belly Dance

Hi All👋🏼 Today we’re looking at two types of hand movements: Hand waves and Hand rolls. 💃

Hand movements are super important in Belly Dance as they act as the finishing touches to your routine and really round off the whole performance—so pay attention to your technique and execution!

When performing hand waves, always lead with your wrists. It should seem as if you’re moving your hand against the resistance of water. To make it easier, we can divide the hand into four sections, with the movement starting from number one: 1. Wrist 2. Knuckles 3. Finger Knuckles 4. Finger tips

Hand rolls can be compared to trying to clean the inside of a vase. Imagine trying to wipe a complete circle around the inside circumference of the vase—that motion is what you’re trying to achieve.

Practice these often and get used to the movements as best you can. Remember to always perform the drill on both hands to work up a good mind-muscle connection. Once you’re comfortable with the motions, you can start adding layers into the movements!

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