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The Ultimate Dance of Femininity

The best time to start is now, regardless of where you are in your life journey. If you are drawn to Belly Dance, don’t let your socially constructed perception of “correct” age or body type prevent you from pursuing your passion. Belly Dance was created BY women FOR women. It is the ultimate dance of femininity where you learn to embrace yourself, your body, your limitations and your perfectly imperfect flaws.

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The Potential Benefits of Belly Dance

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We welcome women and children of all ethnicities, backgrounds, shapes and sizes to attend classes. Learn at your own pace, with a variety of classes that cater for all levels. Attention to detail is prioritised in every class, by every teacher to ensure students understand every aspect of the dance.

Currently all of our classes are presented LIVE online and offer you a virtual interactive class. We hold our students accountable to attend so as to encourage discipline because we all know how lazy we can get in these winter months! You will need a steady internet connection. Classes will be held online and in the studio from: Lockdown Level 1. We already have our safety protocols in place.

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Casual Membership

If you’re just getting started.

R 700.00


R 350.00

Registration Fee (Annual)

1 Class per Week


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You’re ready to commit more.

R 1100.00


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2 Class per Week


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Serious about Belly Dance.

R 1400.00


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3 Class per Week


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