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Eolande Tribal Fusion Dancer

The Home of Oriental Belly Dance

We are the home of Oriental & Middle Eastern Dance in Pretoria. Our vision is to share dance with women and young girls of all ages and backgrounds. We have classes for complete newbies, with no prior dance experience, right through to professional levels of belly dance with Ioanna herself, an ex-Miss South Africa Belly Dance Champion.

Why Choose Belly Dance?

Belly Dance was created BY women FOR women. It is the ultimate dance of femininity where you learn to embrace yourself, your body, your limitations and your perfectly imperfect flaws.

Belly Dance Helps Improve:

belly dance classes in Pretoria
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Ready to Start your Belly Dance Journey?

Casual Membership

If you’re just getting started.

R 700.00


R 300.00

Registration Fee (Annual)

1 Class per Week


Committed Membership

You’re ready to commit more.

R 1100.00


R 300.00

Registration Fee (Annual)

2 Class per Week


Serious Membership

Serious about Belly Dance.

R 1400.00


R 300.00

Registration Fee (Annual)

3 Class per Week


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