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Technique Tip: The Figure 8 Movement

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another Belly Dance Technique tip.

Today we’re quickly going to run through the Figure 8 movement. The figure 8 is such a versatile technique and with regular drilling brings about terrific conditioning in the hips and torso for a variety of other movements in Oriental Dance.

In this video we break down the movements of the figure 8 and give an easy to follow example. To understand the movements best, we divide our room into four corners; Front Right will be corner number one, back right is corner number two, FRONT Left is corner number three, and finally, Back Left is corner four.

As the name suggests, your movement will resemble an 8. Watch the video to see it in action! 💃 This movement should be drilled to the point where the dancer is comfortable and relaxed, arms are isolated and controlled.

Happy practicing! 💃🌸

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