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Technique Tips: Hip Accents Fix

This week we’re going back down to the hips and focusing on some hip accents.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to accents is that you need to create a sharp movement. How do you do this? It depends on the type of accent you want to create. 💃💃

With todays episode, we’ll be looking at hip accents moving outward, so the muscle we will focus on contracting and creating that sharp movement with, is the glute. So to get started, place on leg out to the side of you and put your hand on that glute—you’re going to try and activate that glute muscle alone. Try this on both sides.

Once you’re comfortable with contracting your glutes, you can stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees bent and then perform the hip accent. Remember, the sharp motion comes from contracting the glute tightly. 🌸👯‍♀️

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat!

Happy practicing! 💃🙌

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